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dreamers who have come to enjoy the flat land, big sky, and ruby sunsets around the DeKalb - Sycamore, Illinois, area. Still surrounded by cornfields, the growing DeKalb - Sycamore area is the gateway to Northern Illinois. Our agricultural community is also the home of Northern Illinois University, a population in and of itself of more than 20,000. Once situated in a position that seemed a considerable distance from greater Chicago and Lake Michigan, we have now become a bit of a haven for some people working in Chicago and the suburbs. The two smaller towns of DeKalb and Sycamore have also grown closer together, linked by Sycamore Road and the businesses and restaurants along this strip. Whatever our residents may think of recent trends in development, there is a momentum already in progress. We can, however, work together to make this area more interesting. Recently, we have seen the growth of more specialty shops in our area. Like many small towns, we are seeking to keep our downtowns alive. This page is meant as an expression of togetherness and the potential for growth and creativity existing here. We hope you will enjoy exploring and communing with DeKalb - Sycamore -- two small towns that are now virtually one community.


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